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Now lay out the four units as shown at left. Sew two horizontal rows, pressing the row seams in alternating directions. Join the rows to make the Buckeye Beauty!

This quilt is four blocks by five, done in what I call a "Controlled Scrappy" palette. REAL Scrappy would be fine too! (When you would use any and all fabrics regardless of theme, etc) These are all Thimbleberries prints...so the "feel" of the fabrics is much the same :o) 

Happy Quilting Folks!

Marcia :o)

Here's one that Tessa made! Ruthie's!  Vicky's! 

Kira's!  Katie's A + B  Kristina's!  ACQG's  Vicki's!

Florence's!  Jeanne's!  Suzanne G's!

** Supplies List **

Color 1

Color 1 needs: one 3-1/2" sq. Color 5 Color 5 needs: one 6-7/8" sq.

Color 2

Color 2 needs: one 3-1/2" sq. Color 6 Color 6 needs: one 6-7/8" sq.

Color 3

Color 3 needs: one 3-1/2" sq. Color 7 Color 7 needs: one 3-1/2" x 14" strip

Color 4

Color 4 needs: one 3-1/2" sq. Color 8 Color 8 needs: one 6-7/8" sq

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March 10 2003 Marcia Hohn

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