Braced Star Variation Two - Page 2

Then sew a Color 3 rectangle to the adjacent side, sewing from the 1/4" point where you left off sewing to the point 1/4" from the next corner. Finger press the seam allowance towards the inner square...

Now sew the next Color 4 rectangle to the next open side of the square in the same manner,  finger pressing the seam towards the outer strip...

Next sew on the last Color 3 rectangle to the remaining open side of the square, finger pressing the seam allowance towards the inner square. 

Now we will go back  and sew the short seams we left open, by first folding over the center unit to line up the first two seams. Stitch from the 1/4"  point out to the edge of the center unit. Repeat this in a clockwise manner around the center unit until all seams have been sewn. Now press the seam allowances with an iron...
Now sew one of the first corner units we made to each opposing side of the center unit. Press seam allowances towards the center unit...on to Page 3!
May 29 2001 Marcia Hohn

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