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Now inset the pieced square units by lining up the sq. with the left hand wing of the trapezoid unit, right sides together and top edges aligned. Sew from the outer edge to a point 1/4" from the end of the square. Backstitch.  Now fold the unit in half right sides together and stitch from the previous stopping point to the edge of the square, backstitching at the beginning of the seam. Make four of these...

Lay out the four units as shown at left. Sew two horizontal rows, then join those rows to finish your block! Good job!

Here are four blocks by five. Alternate blocks have colors swapped around--4 is swapped with 1 and 2 is swapped with 3 :o)

Happy Quilting Folks!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Karlene's!

** Supplies List ** 

Color 1 Color 1 needs: one 7" x 23" strip

July 20 2006 Marcia Hohn

Color 2 Color 2 needs: one 3" x 23" strip

Color 3 Color 3 needs: one 3-1/2" x 24-1/2 strip

Original  Block

Color 4 Color 4 needs: one 3-1/2" x 12-1/2" strip

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