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Now line up the second trapezoid, again matching edges and marked dots. Sew using a scant 1/4" seam from edge to 1/4" mark, being careful not to catch free fabric in this seam, backstitch. Press seam towards center...

Fold the block right sides together, and inserting your machine needle at the exact  1/4" spot where you left off the other two seams, stitch from there along scant 1/4" seam line to edge of block, again being very careful not to catch free fabric in this seam! Press seam towards darker fabric. Repeat these steps with the remaining pieces...

Sew together all four of these units by row, using scant 1/4" seams, alternating the direction in which you press the seams. PRESTO ! Attic Windows Block! :o)

June 1999 Marcia Hohn

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