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  Now, to make one Flying Geese unit, place a Color 1  2-1/2" square right sides together atop a Color 2 rectangle, with outer edges aligned. On the back of the top square lightly mark the diagonal. Sew ON this diagonal line. Cut off the excess seam allowance. Press the remainder towards the corner. Repeat this with another Color 1 square on the other end of the rectangle. Make four Flying Geese units in the same manner. These should measure 2-1/2" x 4-1/2"...



To make the block's center unit, sew a Color 3 Quarter Square unit to the top edge of the Color 2  4-1/2" square.  Add another Quarter Square triangle to the opposing edge of the Square, and then two more to the adjacent edges. Press seam out towards the triangles...



  Now, as shown above, add Color 1  4-7/8" Half Square Triangles to each edge of the center unit we just made, again pressing seams towards the newly added triangles. This should measure 8-1/2"...on to Page 3!
 Dec 3 2013 Marcia Hohn

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