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To make the corner squares, place a Color 2  2" square, right sides together, atop a Color 1  3-1/2" square. Mark the diagonal as shown, and sew through all layers ON the marked line. Trim off excess seam allowance. Press remainder to outside. Now add three Color 3  2" squares in the same manner to the remaining three sides, also pressing out...

Now CLICK on the image at left to open a page that tells you how to draft templates for the sides of the block! Once you have your templates made and the pieces cut, refer to the drawing at left for sewing! Sew two Color 3 triangles to the top of the Color 1 diamond, and two Color 2 triangles to the bottom of the Color 1 diamond. Make four of these...


And now you are ready to piece the block! Make  the top row first, pressing seams towards center. Then make the center row, and press seams towards outsides. Then make the third row, pressing seams towards the center again...and there it is!

Here's a photo of the block, incase you want to see one up close and personal ( and my coffee--apparently) :o)

The quilt shown here is of simple block-to-block construction, with a narrow binding around all edges....

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Oct1999 Marcia Hohn

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