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Next, sew Color 1 trapezoids to each of the larger Color 2 half square triangles, pressing seam towards darker fabric. Make four of these in total.  Now sew four of each of the half square units shown at middle left. ( The square shown on the end of the right hand half square unit is a Color 3  1-1/2" square) Now sew the shorter half square unit to the right of the larger half square pieced triangle. Add the longer half square unit to the bottom. Make four of these...

Sew a corner unit to each of the four units we just made...

Now you are ready to piece the block! Lay out the units as shown at left. Color 1 rectangles and the extra Color 3  1-1/2" square make the "sashings". Sew three horizontal rows pressing the top and bottom rows to the center and the middle row to the outside. Join the rows and you are done!

Here are four Inauguration Day blocks by five, making a very old fashioned looking quilt, in keeping with our country's tradition of Inauguration!

Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Ruthie's!

Jan 22 2005  Marcia Hohn

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