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 Now following the same method as used to make the flying geese units, sew  Color 1 squares to the right end of two Color 3 long rectangles, following the diagram at top left. Sew two more with the square on the LEFT end of two more  Color 3 long rectangles. Then make two more units using Color 3 SHORT rectangles with Color 1 squares on the left...and two more using Color 3 short rectangles with Color 1 squares on the right...



To piece the Square-in-Square center unit, place a Color 1  3" square lined up with and right sides together to the top left edge of a Color 2  5-1/2" square. On the back of the Color 1 square, draw the diagonal as shown at left. Sew ON this drawn line. Cut off the excess seam allowance and press he remainder towards the triangle. Repeat this with another Color 1 square on the opposite corner, and then on the two remaining corners. Trim this unit to measure 5-1/2" if needed...


Now, layout all your fabric pieces and pieced units as they will appear in the block. Sew them together into rows, using the standard scant 1/4" seam allowance. press in alternating directions by row. Sew the rows together, and there's one God's Eye Block! :o)    ...on to Page 3!


Oct 20 2002  Marcia Hohn

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