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Now sew another Color 2  9-1/2" x 2" strip between those units, again leaving the ends long. Repeat this with the other units like this. Using an acrylic square, square these units off now, to be a 6-1/2" square. Be sure to have the whole thing centered!...

Piece the block, by sewing together vertical rows, alternating pressing directions with each addition. Then sew together the horizontal rows, again alternating pressing directions. Finis! :o)

This quilt is a simple block to block construction, with a narrow Color 2 border, and a binding in Color 1. soon as I was putting this together, all sorts of other thoughts came to mind! First of looks so much like Stained Glass!

So...keep scrolling...

Here, I added one more color, and alternated blocks...

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July 5 2000 Marcia Hohn

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