Yo-Yo's are another of those METHODS, rather than block patterns...in much the same way that crazy Quilting, is a method!

Still, they are very versatile, and beautiful!

Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

You can make Yo-Yo's in any size that you like, just keep in mind, that whatever you use for a beginning template will be twice the size of your finished Yo-Yo! I suggest using a CD for a template to cut your circles, which will give you a 2" Yo-Yo...but you could also use can bottoms, butter lids, etc. The Yo-Yo as a quilt, really isn't a quilt, in the normal sense, as there is no backing nor batting involved, but actually lies as a coverlet atop a bed. To begin, cut your circles in any variety of prints or solids...

Press a 1/4" seam around the edge of your circle, then with thread to match your Yo-Yo, begin a running stitch around the edge to hold down that seam... Go all the way around the circle, without backstitching.

...and  pull your stitching snuggly to gather the circle up in the middle. There will be a small hole left in the center. Secure your stitching with a couple small stitches and a knot and snip the thread. Slightly flatten the circle with the hole centered on the front...

When you have lots of Yo-Yos done, join them in rows, by placing two with right sides together (the sides with holes!) and whipstitch for about 1/4". Secure this thread. Repeat, and repeat and repeat!

You aren't limited to making a bed cover with Yo-Yos though! Single Yo-Yos make great flowers, when attached to appliquéd stems with leaves...or...You can appliqué them onto pieced basket blocks as the flowers...or... You can make pillow tops with them...table covers...vests...or whatever you can think of!   Here's one made by Karren and her Sis-in-law!  Abby's Mini!


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Aug1 2001 Marcia Hohn