I live in Central Maine with my dear hubby Joe and  Golden Retriever,  Sam ( she's a girl !)

 I have two daughters , Kate and Kris... and Joe has two sons, Steven and Chad!

I started sewing as many of us do...making doll clothes...and progressed from there to making my own clothes, then on to more fun things! I was crazy about needlework of all kinds by the time I hit high school, with crewel and embroidery at the top of the list, also loved macram, cross stitch, knitting and crocheting, drawing and tole painting...and then...THE QUILTING BUG HIT!  In high school I started designing needlework patterns, so the switch to quilting patterns seemed natural :o)

Making a long story short, I wound up "In the industry" so to speak, when I signed on with a fabric chain out of NY named Fabric Bonanza, and took over that store as it's manager a few months later. Sadly, the chain went out of business ( it wasn't my fault! Honest!) I switched over to Jo Ann Fabrics, and moved with them back to Maine, my home state. When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I needed to be nearer home, so I took a job in our local hospital cooking, and stayed there for many years, until the website got so huge I couldn't do both any longer...and that :o)...and now, I design patterns full time and LOVE IT!  :o)