Learning to Quilt

Lesson One--The Stuff !


In order to quilt...there are certain tools of the trade that will make things easier...so we will start today with a list of things you should have!

#1... NEEDLES! You need a good supply! For hand quilting...you need some "betweens", and for machine quilting, several med .weight needles. Changing your machine needle at the beginning of each large project will keep you from having to deal with annoying thread breakage quite as much!

#2...THREAD! You will have a choice here, of all cotton thread, or cotton wrapped polyester thread. I suggest you try them each, and decide which you like best. I use cotton/poly...and I always have an extra ten bobbins pre-wound with white and ecru thread...as well as extra spools of these, and black. If you become an avid quilter...you will want every color under the rainbow!--and a place to store it all!.
#3...SCISSORS! I really suggest a GOOD pair, too, and ONLY use them for fabrics. (NO PAPER!!) About an 8" bent handled sewing scissor is great...and you might also like some small sharp scissors to snip threads, etc. I really recommend GINGHERS ...they cost a bit more but last well, and take a sharpening well also!...see some Ginghers at right!----->

#4...ROTARY CUTTER! While a person could use scissors...the rotary cutter has revolutionized quilting...they make it possible to cut many layers of fabric at one time. Blades are replaceable! A 45MM cutter is a good size for starters. I Like OLFA!

#5...CUTTING MAT! You use these with your rotary cutter. Many have grids on them, and that helps tremendously when squaring off your fabric and blocks! Self Healing ones are the best! I Like OLFA!

#6...SEE-THRU RULER! You will use this with your rotary cutter and mat. They have many measurements and angles printed on them, making accurate piece cutting a breeze! It's good to get about a 24" long one...6 1/2" wide at least... I like OMNIGRID!

#7...BALL-HEAD PINS! nice long pins...the balls make them easier to grab. Flower Heads are GREAT too!

#8...PIN CUSHION!...the magnetic ones are GREAT, but don't keep near your machine if it is computerized!
#10...IRON and IRONING BOARD! The more you press, the better your block!
#11...TEMPLATE MATERIAL! - Clear plastic material, made especially for making templates.

Aug1999 Marcia Hohn                              

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