Start by drawing out on graph paper, the number of blocks across and down you want for YOUR quilt...[refer to the Calculating Yardages Page if you need help with that.] Once you have done that, start coloring in the PATHS, using colored pencils in colors to represent the fabrics you want to use...I started in the upper left corner with Lime green and went diagonally down the quilt, filling in the stars, then half square pairs that make up that path....Next I did the upper right medium blue path that runs diagonally down and to the left...proceed in this manner until all paths are filled in. When you cross an already filled path, just skip over that star and keep on going.( As I did here with the light yellow, 2nd path down from the upper right, for example)  Next, indicate all the BLACK areas by filling those in. Lastly, and I haven't shown it here,  you'll fill in the squares shown here in white, using random placement of the colors you used for your paths.  Now, with THIS all done, you can tell how many half square triangles you need in which colors....Refer to your Graph Paper chart for sewing units, and piecing the quilt.

Marcia :o)