Steps to the Altar - Page 2


Then, piece the blocks middle unit, by sewing a Color 5 half square triangle to the bottom of the last Color 3 small square. Add the other Color 5 half square triangle to the right of the small square. Sew this unit to the Color 4 half square triangle, and to the top of this, add one of the two two square units from the step above


Now piece the middle row of the block, by sewing together the six square unit, the middle unit and a Color 5 rectangle...



Sew the last row of the block by joining the last two square unit, a Color 5 rectangle, and the Color 4  4 1/2" square...and you are  nearly done!


Piece the three rows to make the block, alternating pressing directions as you go...on to Page 3!

March2000 Marcia Hohn

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