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To sew the block's side units, sew a Color 4 Quarter Square Triangle to the Straight short end of a Color 2 trapezoid. Press seam towards the trap. Add a Color 4 Half Square Triangle to the top edge of the trap, pressing seam towards the triangle. Now sew a Color 1 Half Square Triangle to the pieced triangle you just made, and press the seam towards the Color 1 triangle. Make four units like this. These should measure 3-1/2"...

Now lay out all units as shown at left, with the Color 3  3-1/2" square as the block's center unit. Sew three horizontal rows, alternating pressing directions by row. Join the three rows to complete your block!

Here are just thirteen Star Squared blocks with alternating plain squares with corners replaced with triangles of Color 3! 

Happy Quilting Folks!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Ruthie's!

Nov. 21 2008 Marcia Hohn

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