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Join the half squares as shown at left, using the standard 1/4"seam.  Alternate pressing directions of seams by row...

Now center the whole circle, interfacing side down, over the block's center. Pin on and hand or machine invisible appliqué this to the bock using thread to match the circle. Pin on and appliqué the quarter circles to the corners in the same manner...

This quilt is a variation on a very old block, (which has circles of all the same size, which are sewn with pieced curved seams) To achieve that same look, but with this easier method, cut one circle at 5" rather than at 4.5", and have that be the circle you cut into quarters.  I preferred it this way with larger and smaller circles!

Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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Here's one that Deb made!

May 9 2003  Marcia Hohn

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