This makes a 12" block!

Fast and Easy One!

 This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block ** 

To make the quarter squares, Stack two 7-1/4" squares (One light and one dark) right sides together and all edges aligned. Draw in a diagonal, and stitch 1/4" away from that drawn line on each side of it. Now use a ruler and cut in half on the OPPOSITE diagonal, and then on the drawn line. This will give you four pieced triangles. Sew two together to make a quarter square. Do the same thing with two different 7-1/4" squares to make the other quarter square needed for the block...the others will be extras...

Each block will need two 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles, four 3-1/2" squares and two quarter squares...Note that there is one "Rule"...the quarter square in the top row needs it's dark triangles laying horizontally, and in the next row they need to be vertical!

To piece the block, sew pairs of squares together. Add a rectangle to the left of those, and a quarter square to the left of that. Sew two rows together to make a block. ...on to Page 2!

Nov 7 2005 Marcia Hohn

Original  Block