Time to get out the SCRAPS folks! 

Here's a 12" block to help use up those leftovers from other projects!

 Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **


You'll need to draft templates for this one. To do that, draw a 6" square. Draw a line from the upper left corner to the half way point of the right side, another from the upper left to the half way point of the bottom edge. Connect the two half way points. Now cut these out and put each on another paper. Add 1/4" all around for seam allowances. Cut out the new shapes...and off we go!...

Using templates B and D, cut out four each on the Color 1  6-1/2" x 13" rectangles...

Then strip piece scraps, in any color arrangement and shape, as long as the finished piece is big enough to cut out template A. Here I show three template A's cut out of one piece. You need four for a block, so keep piecing scraps enough...

Cut out four template C's either from small scraps, or if you prefer, they could be cut from your chunks of pieced scraps. I show two here, but you need four for a block ...on to Page 2!


May18 2000 Marcia Hohn




Traditional Block