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This quilt is four blocks by five, with a pieced border!

Happy Quilting One More Time!

Marcia :o)

Here's one that Vicky made! Karen's !  Valerie's!   

Ruthie's!  Lori's!  Kelly's!  Susan's!  Sue's!  

Carolyn's!  Nechama's!  Karlene's

 JoAnn's!  Judy P's!- and a Closeup!

Maxine's!  another by Karlene!  Rosie's!  Loretta's!

** Supplies List **

Color 1

Color 1 needs: two 4-7/8" squares

Color 2

Color 2 needs: two 4-7/8" squares

Color 3

Color 3 needs: two 4-7/8" squares AND one 4-1/2" square

Color 4

Color 4 needs: two 4-7/8" squares 

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Jan 21 2003 Marcia Hohn

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