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Home spuns! Plaids! Calicoes! Kiddie Prints! Denim! Flannels! ... all work well for this... just


** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Quilt **

Cut your fabric into 6" widths, then cut random 6" squares and 6" x 12" rectangles from these! Cut one 4" x 10" rectangle of batting for each two rectangles of fabric, and one 4" square of batting for each two squares of fabric. I suggest a low loft batting, such as Warm and Natural! You will be making "little sandwiches"-two layers of fabric, with a batting piece centered in the middle between them. *Note! You can also do these with all squares, or in any combination of rectangles and squares, in any size you like. Just be sure to always cut your batting accordingly!

Center a batting rectangle on the first rectangle of fabric, with fabric right side down!...
Then place another rectangle right side UP atop that, with all edges aligned...
Now sew from corner to corner in each direction using thread that matches, compliments or wildly embellishes...your choice! Also...if you prefer you could do decorative stitching of some type rather than a simple X...
Repeat this with your squares. Back fabrics for rectangle or square "sandwiches" do not need to be the SAME fabrics, unless you want them that way...
When you have a row's worth of these done, a row being as wide as you want your finished quilt to be, sew them together using a ONE INCH SEAM... have all seam allowances be on the same side! on to Page 2!
Feb 5 2002 Marcia Hohn

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