Mexican Cross - Page 2

To each of the units you just made, add another large triangle unit on the other side of the Color 2 strip,  pressing towards the new large triangle side...

Now just piece the block as shown at left. First join the remaining Color 2 strips with the small Color 2 square, pressing those seams towards the Color 1 small squares. Sew a large corner unit to each side of that center strip, and you are all done! :o)

This quilt is a four by five, with pieced rectangle border strips.

Happy Quilting 'til Next Time!

Marcia :o)

Here's one that Kathy made  and another!

Lynette's!  Van's!

** Supplies List **

Color 1 Color 1 needs: about 1/8 yd
Color 2 Color 2 needs: about 1/8 yd
Color 3 Color 3 needs: about 1/4 yard

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July 26 2001 Marcia Hohn

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