<----Vicky's Block!! :o)

 This Caper started when I was making some 6" Bright Log Cabin blocks for Dorothy's Baby Quilt...and fell in love with the blocks! Jokingly I added to the Newsletter that I  was gladly acceptingly donations...well GUESS WHAT???  Jane noticed I had written that and started a note about it on the about.com forum...and BLOCKS HAVE STARTED COMING IN!!!!! I thought I'd use this page to  post pictures of the GREAT blocks, and quilt progress as it's made! Man! Are Quilter's Great People or what???!!!!! 

Blocks have arrived from all over the place!!!!! From Sheryl, Dorothy L, Vicky D, Mary, Janet, Deb S, Gretchen, Dessa M, Carol, Karen, Debbie, Judy, Carole, Eddie, Rosalyn, Christine, Michele, Sophie, Myra, May, Marian, Linda, Jeri Mi, Dorothy B,  Lisle, Stacey M,  Erin, Mary J, Terri Jo, Gayle F, Laura A, June M,  Gloria B, Molly F, Joan G, Teresa C, Marianne M, Jane S, Ellen B, Grace R , Darby H, Lou Ann C, Carol R,  Carol E, Barbara A,  Linda C, Patty C, Kelly K,  Laura P, Michelle L, Barbara S, Kim B, Ruthie D, Sharon C, Shelley R, Cherylin Q, Johanna,  Patricia R, Ursula W, Sally R, Marianne P,  Karlene L, Jeri (owlie) Laura F, Faye B, Starrla O, Joyce K, Rose Marie W, Teresa S, Karen H , Cynthia C, Sheryl C, Kathryn G, Deanne I and Audrey G! !



Here's the Finished Quilt hanging at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 0f 2005 with its 3rd place ribbon!!

...and here it is at the Maine State Quilt Show in July 0f 2005 !!

The fun part is that the entire back of the quilt is its Quilt Tag! Those are all the siggy squares of folks who contributed blocks!  In the "rainbow" fabric border I wrote the story of how the quilt came to be, and how I was feeling when working on it :o)

Feb 7 2003 Marcia Hohn 

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