Kids Can Quilt!!

1.Cut your pieces according to the following:


From a Christmas Fabric, cut one strip that measures 4-1/2" by 36"...From your background fabric, cut a strip that measures 4-1/2" by 18". Mark lightly on the BACK every 4-1/2", and then cut to make eight Christmas Fabric 4-1/2" squares, and four Background Fabric 4-1/2"squares.
Next...also from the Christmas fabric... cut a strip that measures 4-7/8" by 9-3/4", and one of the same size from the Background fabric. Mark on the BACK every 4-7/8", and cut each of these into two 4-7/8" squares each. Now cut each one of these 4-7/8" squares from corner to corner to make four triangles of each color.
Now we will start sewing them together!


First take one of the Christmas Fabric triangles, and one of the Background Fabric triangles, place them with right sides of the fabrics together. Pin. Sew them together along one long side ...having your seam width be 1/4 inch. Iron the seam allowances towards the darker fabric. Do this with all the triangles, until you have four of these two colored squares.


To make the first and last row lay down a two colored square with the Background fabric half at the top left ...lay a Christmas Fabric 4-1/2" square on top, with the right sides of the two squares together. Sew together on the right side, using a 1/4" seam. Iron the seam allowance towards the Christmas Fabric square. Next add another Christmas fabric square, then add another two colored square this time with the Background fabric half at the top right, always adding the new square on the right, and always ironing the seam allowance towards the newly added square.
To make the second and third rows lay down a Christmas Fabric square, and atop that lay a Background fabric square... having the right sides  of the fabrics together. Sew, using a 1/4" seam, along the right side. Iron the seam allowances of this row towards the other direction. Add another Background fabric square, and then another Christmas Fabric square. Make two rows like this!

Now sew the top row to the second laying the top row flat, right side up. Put the second row atop that, with its right side DOWN. Pin. Sew, using a 1/4" seam, along the bottom. Iron the seam towards the top row.

KidsWreathpiecebottom.gif (16884 bytes)

Next sew the other middle row to the bottom row by laying the other middle row flat with it's right side UP...and laying the bottom row atop that with its right side DOWN. Pin. Make sure this bottom row is flipped so that the BOTTOM of the wreath is at the TOP of your two row pile, as shown in the picture above. Sew these together along the bottom using a 1/4" seam. Iron the seam allowance towards the bottom row.

KidsWreathpieceblock.gif (29555 bytes)

Next sew together the top half of the block and the bottom half of the block, by laying them right sides together...pinning them...and sewing along the bottom. Again...using a 1/4" seam. Iron the seam towards the bottom of the block.



Now you can decorate your block by hand sewing on either a purchased bow...or a ribbon bow you make yourself...or even some cut out Holly leaf Shapes with red buttons added for berries!


A note to parents or teachers. For very young sewers it really does help to do the strip cutting FOR them, and place each rows' pieces in individual baggies, labeled "row one" row two" etc.


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Oct 1999 Marcia Hohn