The making of quilts is such a huge part of our lives, but greater than that, it is also a part of our cultural and artistic heritage, and as such, we need to keep records! It's simple!

First off, you'll want a book of some kind. This can be as simple as a binder notebook, or even a Scrapbook,  homemade or purchased. A purchased blank Journal works well too! This can be as fancy or plain as you'd like to make it!


In your book, you'll want to have this basic information:

The pattern name: _________________________________________(example: Friendship Star)

The pattern source: ___________________(Is it your own design, or a  traditional design, from a class taught by___ at ___on___, Is it an adaptation from a picture in magazine, or was it inspired by the work of___, etc)

The NAME of your quilt: ________________________________ (If you gave it one)

Date you started the quilt _______ Date you finished the top:_______ Date you finished the quilt:_______

Who pieced it: __________________ Who quilted it:___________________

Is there a label or identifying mark? ____________Where on the quilt is it?________________

Where was it made?_____________ (Town, City, State)

Who/what was it made for________________

Was there anything special going on in your life at the time you were working on it?_________________

How was it constructed______________( machine or hand pieced, machine or hand appliqué, machine or hand quilted???)

Has it won any awards? What? When? Where?___________________________

Size of quilt_______________  Main colors_______________________

Fabric Information____________________ (Including swatches in the book plus the makers will be GREAT info to have!) Batting information______________ (maker, cotton? poly?)

Photograph! Best to have a photo of the front and the back!


Your family and its future generations will love you for doing this! Copy this page off to use as a guide if you'd like!

On a sewn-on QUILT LABEL on the back of your quilt...your documentation might look something like this:

Marcia :o)

Need some quilt label tags? you can print some from here:


Dec 30 2003 Marcia Hohn/The Quilter's Cache/