This makes a 4" x 4" Needle Case to keep all those needles handy!

Great gift item too! :o)

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The first thing that I would recommend that you do, is go to the Practice Paper Piecing Page.  When you feel comfy with paper piecing, come on back and try a Needle Case! You will need to print out one copy of the template page per case you want to make on very lightweight paper.

** Supplies List ** addition to the fabric scraps for paper piecing!

One 4-1/2" x 8-1/2"strip of fabric for the inside of the Needle Case

Two 3-5/8"squares of very lightweight cardboard, or poster board...or heavy weight iron on interfacing

One 3-3/4" x 7-3/4"rectangle of very thin Warm and Natural weight

Two 1/4" x 8" pieces of good quality ribbon 

One 3" x 7" rectangle of craft felt to compliment the inside fabric color

 Thread, and Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

** Let's Get to the Piecing **

Using a fabric glue stick or a couple small stitches here and there, glue-baste the layer of batting centered over the wrong side of the inside needle case fabric...

Center the craft felt over the right side of the inside fabric rectangle and stitch close to all edges in thread to match the felt, through the fabric, felt and batting beneath...


Now place the ribbons at the half way point of each end, basting over the ends within the 1/4" seam allowance. Pin the other ends somewhere in the center to keep them out of the way...

Place the paper pieced (paper removed) unit right side down on top of the FELT side of the innards, and stitch around three sides on the 1/4" seam line, leaving a 4" opening on the top right for turning right side out...

Turn right side out, insert cardboard through opening ,press, and neatly slip stitch the opening  closed using small stitches. (not fluorescent green, unless that matches your project-LOL!)...

With the Needle Case right side up, and using top thread to match the top and bobbin  thread to match the felt, stitch though the exact middle, in the seam line between Flying goose four and five, to hold layers firmly together. Lock stitches neatly at the beginning and end of this seam...

Now just pop needles in to the inside felt...tie closed with ribbon...and Enjoy your Handy Needle Case! 

Here's one that Dessa made!   Jeri's Closed

Jeri's Open Back  Jeri's Open Inside  Annike's Outside...Inside

Jan16 2003 Marcia Hohn



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