This, like Crazy Quilting and Puff, or Pillow Quilting, is really more of a method than a Block! There isn't really a background (as shown here in mottled tan)

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I added that to show off the completed "flower" ...each is about 9 inches in diameter before the white connectors ...You could appliqué the flowers to a background if you chose to, however!

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **


First, CLICK HERE for a printable template! Lay this template on the White 45" strip and cut out 18 hexagons for one course around the first flower. I have allowed a tiny bit   of extra fabric for each strip if the pieces are cut right next to each other! This template includes the seam allowances!

Then cut 1 hexagon for the flower's center, 6 for the first round and 12 for the next round...

Each Flower is sewn in strips first, and then the strips are fit in to each other. To do this, you need first to prepare your hexagons, by pressing a 1/4" seam on all sides, and if you chose, where the 1/4" seams intersect, make a small mark on the WRONG side of each intersection. Now sew, either by hand, or by machine, between two 1/4" marks, on the pressed seam lines......on to Page 2!


Jan 2000 Marcia Hohn

Traditional Block

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