In an effort to Keep The Quilter's Cache a Free Pattern Website, we have come up with Three Different Levels of Voluntary User Participation and invite you and or your quilting group to consider helping in one of these ways!'s Voluntary!!


Helping Hands

For those of you who think you might like to help out just as you can from time to time, or now and then, with a donation, this is VERY WELCOME ! People have been writing to me saying that they have no idea what amount is helpful...It ALL IS! If you need a guideline, here are some....if you think you have spent a few hours browsing patterns and enjoyed your about donating the price of a movie ticket? If you have printed off "a gazillion" patterns, how about a dollar a pattern?  But those are just general thoughts...ANY amount at all is very helpful!!!!

For these anytime donations to the site please send a check or money order   made out to Marcia Hohn, to this address:

Remember  it's all voluntary, and everyone is welcome to use the cache whether or not they donate!

Marcia Hohn / The Quilter's Cache
199 Main Street
Pittsfield, Maine 04967

or............. to use Paypal click the button below.  This will take you to PayPal's website. 

Click on the "Send Money" link, and follow the directions, entering any amount you would care to send, and  the account 



The Cache Companions Program

  For those of you who, as individuals or groups, might like to contribute to The Quilter's Cache on a regular basis, I've started The Cache Companions Program. Sponsor the site at this level with a $5.00 a month donation, that's under 20 cents a day!! 
If you would like to join The Cache Companions Program, please send a check or money order (for as many months as you would like to pay at one time) made out to Marcia Hohn, to this address:

The Cache Companions
c/o Marcia Hohn / The Quilter's Cache
199 Main Street
Pittsfield, Maine 04967 may use PayPal by clicking this button :


Cache Advertisers

If you own an established business that is quilt making related, you may apply to place an advertisement on one of the six main pages of the Quilter's Cache. Each ad spot is 225W x 100H pixels, and will link to your company website. No flashing or scripted Banners please.  I will design a simple Banner for you, if that would help!

The Quilter's Cache offers you a great opportunity to get the name of your business seen by many thousands of quilters a day! This site currently gets approx. 30 million hits a month. Websites must be 100% child / family friendly, and I will be visiting sites to be sure they are a good match with The Quilter's Cache. At this time I do not place banners nor links for "Ebay stores" nor stores of that sort.

Currently, sponsoring the site at this level costs $35.00 a month, and your banner ad will run on one page for the entire month. I run a 6-month ad calendar, and most folks book for the entire 6 month time slot. 

If you would like be a Cache Advertiser, please email me for availability of advertising space! I'll email you back with space information, payment arrangements etc. 


 Between us all, we are finding a way to keep the site available to the world as a Free Source of Patterns  and Information! Thank you VERY MUCH for your Help and Support!! You can feel very good about Helping!!!

Marcia :o)