This is my personal favorite quilt pattern ...ACH ...what a misnomer! There isn't really a pattern, it's just a way of doing patchwork.... AND what a great quilt to work on in the Fall!! ...all the colors! ...not to mention using up all those scraps!! Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

How Many Blocks? How Much Muslin?

Unlike other quilts we have done so far, a "Crazy Quilt" is worked over a background square. I recommend a good quality Muslin for this. For a single block, you will need a 12-1/2" square. Click above right for twin/full/queen/king sized quilt muslin/block amounts. You can adapt them easily by adding or subtracting rows of blocks...

The instructions and pattern here, therefore, are for you to learn the  METHOD of crazy quilting .you don't use a specific pattern once you get the hang of doing this!

Cut your muslin into the correct number of 12-1/2" squares...



First, lay on and pin a first piece...right side up...if you may baste it around the outside edges, but within a 1/4" seam allowance...

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Oct 99 Marcia Hohn


it's an mh paper :o)

Traditional Method

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