Let's get Scrappy! Shown to the right are FOUR Cracker  Blocks, to illustrate the way you might lay them together for a quilt, with their centers going in alternating directions!

1/4 of the image at right makes a 12" block"

Click here for strip template!

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** Preparing The Pieces and Sewing the Block **

First use the template provided to cut your colored and background bars!


Now sew together strips, a calico to a background , along one long edge, using a scant  1/4" seam, and pressing the seam allowance towards the darker strip. Then add another background strip to the bottom of that unit, pressing towards the darker side again. Trim this to measure 9" if needed...

(For a  whole quilt you may choose to make some with two calico stripes, and some with two background stripes...)

 For each block cut one calico and one background 6-7/8" square. Stack them and cut once on the diagonal to make two half square triangles of each.

Join a same-colored triangle to one end of a three stripe unit, then add the other triangle to the other end, pressing seams towards center unit...

Then sew a background triangle to each of the remaining two sides, pressing seams towards the corner triangles. This completes one square...on to Page 2!
Dec1999Marcia Hohn

Traditional Block

pattern from http://www.quilterscache.com