This makes a 15" Block!   It's another fast and easy one too, but a really dramatic quilt, when done in brights against black!

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **



Start by marking and cutting the Color 2  3-1/2" x 14" strip into four 3-1/2" squares...



Then speed piece the half squares, by stacking the 3-7/8" strips of the same sizes in pairs (a Color 4  and Color 5- a Color 3 and Color 5- and a Color 1 and Color 5) On the back of the top strips, lightly mark the 3-7/8" square lines and mark the diagonals in the direction shown at left.  Now sew a scant 1/4" above and below the marked diagonals. Cut apart ON the marked diagonals, and on the 3-7/8" square lines as well. Press seam allowances towards the darker fabric. Trim to measure 3-1/2" if needed...


Now it's time to piece the block! Sew the half squares and squares together in the order and direction shown at left. Be sure to alternate pressing directions by square and by row to avoid bulky seams! ...on to Page 2!

Jan 2000 Marcia Hohn

Traditional Block

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