I was looking for some historical blocks and came across this one -- you  wanted to know who Blackford was --
Well Blackford is not a who it is a what !
   The block was named for a ford ( river crossing ) near Sharpsburg , Maryland  - The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River at this point to get back to the safety of Confederate ground - not knowing at that time they out numbered the Union Army there -- this was following the bloody slaughter at Antietam ,Sept. 17 1862 -- the following summer was the battle of Gettysburg where the south's spirit was broken ---
  I am a card  carrying  Daughter of the Confederate and very proud of my southern heritage --- there are a lot of quilt blocks named for little know battles of the Civil War or some of the Officers - The Churn Dash & Shoo Fly and many more came from this time in our history - It's sad that so many beautiful quilt blocks came from so much pain and suffering -- ----