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Then piece the block, following the diagram at left by first sewing squares together to make rows using scant 1/4" seams, and then joining the rows to make the block. Alternate directions when pressing out seam allowances...

Have fun....stay away from bears...


Marcia :o)


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** Supplies List **

Color 1 Color 1 needs: one  2-1/2" x 17-1/2" strip AND one 2-7/8" x 5-3/4"  strip  AND three 2-7/8" squares  
Color 2 Color 2 needs: one  2- 1/2" x 17- 1/2" strip AND one 2- 7/8" x 5- 3/4"  strip  AND three 2- 7/8" squares 
Color 3 Color 3 needs: one strip of four different prints 2-1/2" x 10" AND of two of those prints one strip 2-7/8" x 5-3/4"  AND of the other two prints, two 2-7/8" squares
Color 4 Color 4 needs: for each block you make, one 2-1/2" square

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Nov1999 Marcia Hohn

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