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 Sew a Color 4 strip to the left of a Color1/Color2 rectangle pair, with Color 1 on top. Press seam towards strip. Sew a Color 3 strip to the right of this. Press seam towards strip. Make four units like this...

Now sew the four units together and it's done! Good Job! See how fast that is??!

 Here are three blocks by four, and in this quilt I've added another color for alternate blocks! Two thin borders surround the quilt top, then a pieced square border!


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Here's one that Deb made!

Joanne's !  Maureen's!  Barbara's!  Amy's!


Remember, for Baby's Safety, quilts without Ornamentation are Better! 

All those little buttons and bows can be a hazard!


May 27 2003 Marcia Hohn

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