Americana Charmer - Page 2



To make the first unit needed for the block, place a Color 3 square right sides together against one end of a Color 2 rectangle, with outer edges aligned. ( I show them staggered here just so you can see what fabric pieces I am talking about) On the back of the top square draw inn the diagonal in the direction shown at left and sew ON this drawn line. Cut off the excess seam allowance, pressing the remainder towards the corner triangle. Repeat this with a Color 1 square on the opposite end, noting the direction of sewing, and again pressing towards the corner triangle. Make four units like this...



To make the next unit, sew Color 3 quarter square triangles to adjacent sides of a Color 2 square, pressing seams towards the Color 3 triangles. Sew a Color 3 half square triangles to the lower left, and a Color 1 half square triangle to the lower right. Make four units like this...



Now piece the block by sewing the first unit we made below the second. Make four of these. Sew them together as shown at left to complete your Americana Charmer!

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Nov 10 2005 Marcia Hohn

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