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One way to make quilts of this pattern is by making rows of squares after rows of squares until you get to the size you would like for a quilt!

For example, the "quilt" at left could be made, by cutting 10" squares and you would have a top that measured...90" x 110".....easy!! ...OR...


What about saying to HECK with that and going back to making this quilt by blocks, as I showed originally, instead?? {To me, this is one of those quilts people really would OOH and AHHH over, thinking it took you forever to piece ALL THOSE PIECES!}

In any event....great pattern...and all for this time!!

Happy Quilting!

 Marcia  :o)

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 Linda's !   Lesley's!   Paula's!  Sandy's!  Maggie's!  Jo's!  Anne's Blue One 

Anne's Tan one!  Crystal's!  Angella's!  Jackie's!   Kim's!  Shannon's!   Devon's 

Marina's!  Jeanne's!   Lori's TATW Front, Back   Sheila's!   Larissa's!  Candis's!  

Fran's!  Linda S's!  Gwen's!  Kris's!   Anke's!  Candace's  Stacy's  Susan's!

   Kayla's!  Linda's!  Terrie's!  Angella's Heart TripATW,  and plain  Kate C's! 


Nov 1999 Marcia Hohn

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