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Now mark a point on the 1/4" sewing line of the Color 4 corners of the center unit. Stitch a Color 3 trapezoid to the top of the center unit from the left edge to the 1/4" marking. Backstitch. Now sew another to the bottom of the center unit, and again backstitch at the quarter inch mark...

Next, add a Color 2 trap-plus square  unit to the left of the center unit, stopping at a 1/4" marking, as shown far left. Backstitch...
Add the other Color 2 trap-plus square unit to the right. Now fold the block in half right sides together on the diagonal and sew the two open mitered corner seams from the inner point to the outer edge (blue arrows)...and this block is complete!

Here are four blocks by four!

Happy Quilting Folks!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Dorothy's!

April 8 2006 Marcia Hohn

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