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Now, join the chimney row to the roof section..

Next, to piece the lower left unit, sew a Color 1   4-1/2" strip to a Color 2  4-1/2" strip. Add another Color 2 strip, then to the top of this, add a Color 2 3-1/2" strip...

To make the lower right unit, sew a Color 1  3-1/2" strip to a Color 2 3-1/2" strip, and another Color 1 strip, then another Color 2 strip...

To the top and bottom of the unit we just made, sew a Color 2  5-1/2" strip...


Now join the two lower units...


Then sew the top unit to the bottom unit to finish your School House!

Here's one that Deb made! Wendy's pillow!

Happy Quilting!!

Marcia :o)

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Oct 1999 MarciaHohn

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