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The center square is made by placing a Color 1  2-1/2" square atop the upper left corner of the Color 2  4-1/2" square, right sides together. Mark the diagonal on the back of the Color 1 small square. Sew on this diagonal. Cut off the excess seam allowance, and press the remainder towards the center square. Repeat with another small Color 1 square on the opposite corner, and then with two more small Color 1 squares on the remaining two corners, pressing the seam allowances of the last two towards the corner triangles...


Now you can piece the block by first making rows, as shown in the diagram at left, and then by sewing the rows together. Use all scant 1/4" seams, and alternate pressing directions by piece and by row.



This quilt shows a thin sashing between all squares and rows, and has two sides and an end made of  repeating outer block rows, plus cut outs for bed posts...

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