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To make the block's center unit, sew Color 2 half square triangles (the ones we cut using templates) to opposing sides of the Color 3  2-1/2" square. Press seams outwards. Add two more Color 2 hsts to the adjacent sides, again pressing seams out. Now add two Color 1  2-7/8" half square triangles to opposing sides, pressing seams outwards. Lastly, add the last two Color 1 hsts to the adjacent sides and press outwards... 
Now lay out all units as shown at left. Sew three horizontal rows. Join the rows and your Posy Chain block is complete! Good Job!

Here are four blocks by five for a summery quilt to carry us through the cold winter in cheer!

Happy Quilting All!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Dorothy's!

Karlene's!  Dominique's!

Nov 21 2005  Marcia Hohn

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