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Then piece the block. First sew together the sixteen squares and half squares that make up the right side of the block.  Sew the Color 2/Color 3 rectangle unit to the bottom of the sixteen square unit. Sew one Color 1/ Color 2 combo square to the bottom end of the Color 1/ Color 3 rectangle unit, referring to the diagram at left for orientation of the pieces. Sew this to the left side of the already pieced sixteen square/rectangle unit. Use all scant 1/4" seams!

This quilt shows nine Patch Blossom Blocks set on point, with Color 3 spacers... a simple appliqued vine thing around the whole thing, with some embroidered curls, and circle "flowers"...

Happy Quilting All! Hope you liked this one!

Marcia :o)

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Rose Marie's!

** Supplies List **

Color 1 Color 1 needs: one 3-7/8" x 19-3/8" strip AND one 3-1/2" x 10-1/2" strip
Color 2 Color 2 needs: one 3-7/8" x 11-5/8" strip AND one 3-1/2" x 17-1/2" strip
Color 3 Color 3 needs: one strip 3 1/2" x 25"
Calicoes Calicoes need: ten half square triangles cut from a variety of   3- 7/8" squares

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Apr 2000 Marcia Hohn

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