Letters from Mamabear :o)

April 24, 2017



   What a nice week! Maine is turning Spring green! Trees are budding! Birds are chirping in the AM! Tulips will blooming here at home with a couple sunny-day boosts! It's wonderful, and well worth the wait!

   I didn't get one lick of sewing done this past week, but I DID get to go meet a friend from college who I haven't seen in many many years. I swear, this girl has barely changed! My first "friend" in college. Remember that feeling when you are BRAND NEW at college, your first time away from home, little bit unsure, little bit homesick, and rolled up with the excitement?...and then you meet that first friend, and you know everything is going to be awesome?! That was Shirley, and 45 years later...she's still as wonderful! :o)

   Another treat! We went down to Portland, ME to meet with Shirley and her DH in the evening. WOW!....out at NIGHT, just like real people!! True, we did get back home by 9, but it felt wild and free! LOLOL!

   Yesterday we drove up to Bangor to the largest bookstore of any size to get the Whole 30 book. We start May 1st and I am really looking forward to it! Whole foods for thirty days...doesn't that sound tasty?! Kristen was like...Mom...fine time to go No Sugar over your birthday!..."yep" I said. "It is" :o)

   Other than that, I finished an EXCELLENT book...The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah...can't recommend it enough! Basically, it is about the lives of two grown sisters in France during WWII. I bet you'll love it!

Anyways...short letter this week...things are fine over here, and I hope they are with all of you!

Have a Great Quilting Week All!

Marcia :o)

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