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Sept 25, 2017




Hi Ho All, and Happy Fall!

   SO let's see...what's been going on around here of late?

   First off, and most occupying my mind right now...Yesterday was Day 1, Round 2 of Whole 30. Meats/fruits/Veggies here we come! Wish us luck! We are both looking forward to this, but still, you know good wishes always help! Right now I am munching on a round of sweet potato, some sauteed green beans with mushrooms, and a couple boneless chicken thighs...Life Is Good! Katie is sitting RIGHT beside me...you know...incase any little thing should HAPPEN to fall off my fork...Good Dog!

    oh...the most cruddy thing happened (yes...I do know this isn't T.H.E. Literal Cruddiest Thing)  Remember I said I was in the middle of a wonderful book series? Waaahh  I was NOT in the middle!  When the current book ended, I jumped on Amazon to purchase the next and ARGHHH...there's NO NEXT until JANUARY! Don'cha feel just :::suspended in time or something:::: when that happens? Never fear, I am re-reading the James Herriot/All Creatures Great and Small Series. (all will be well, I keep repeating to myself)

   I finished cleaning out the cupboards and freezers; its good to have a recent inventory! Then, still in canning and freezing mode, I pretty well have the freezers stocked back up! Next up *Winter Squash*! They are overflowing with them at the farms right now! ...and *Apples*! Man it is just good to be alive in Fall!

   Kind of a tough pill to swallow a couple weeks ago. You guys know how I LOVE Germany. I've been planning a trip for several years that had gotten pushed out for summer of 2019. That seems unlikely to happen now, as it was originally planned. HOWEVER, now that I've had some time to sit with the idea, I know that in no way does this slam any doors on the idea of going! A changed plan is just a changed plan, right? Make a New Plan, Marcia! Things have a way of working out for the best! It will be a blast going, when I do!

This quilt caught my eye this week on Pinterest!  I just love their use of stripes as the border and the sashing strips! Plus this color palette is so easy on the eye...and yes, I really am a fan of scrap quilts! I took the liberty of outlining one block to help newer folks see what easy units make up that block! Any ways...isn't it awesome?!


...and then there was THIS Scrap quilt too!...Easy Peezy, eh? diagonally set squares alternated with uneven nine patches!

   Other than that...I've been cleaning. I'll spare you the details. I actually love cleaning much of the time. This isn't to say that I DO cleaning as often as I should. I just enjoy it when I do! After being down with Lyme for so long you just can't imagine how awesome it feels to me to be able to do stuff! It ROCKS!

Onward and Upward!! :o)

Have a Great Week All!   

Marcia :o)

" It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." Chuck Palahnuik






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