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Here's a triple wall hanging idea!

And there are more combinations!! Go wild with this one!! If you will be making a quilt, rather than only one block, I am including directions on how to strip piece this one...CLICK HERE!!

What an awesome pattern this is! I really hope you enjoy making it!!

Happy Quilting All of You!!...Marcia

Jerry's 1  and 2   Karen's!  Cheryl's!  Sheila's!  Jeannie's!

  Marcia's!  Carol's!  Dessa's!  Barb's!  and here's Tisa's!  Linda's!  

Larissa's!  Kirsten's!  Mary A - Mary B(close-up)  Lori's Memory Quilt 

Belinda's!  Zuzana's!  Amanda's!  Patricia's A  Patricia's B  Vicky's 

 Debi's!  Holly's!  Kirk's!  Terri's!  Deb's Yellow one!  Vicki's!

  Michele's  Denise's!  Monica's!  Loretta's!  Anne's!

Luann's!  Pam's!  Pat's!  Brooke's! Rosemarie's Greek Key Version!

Log Cabin Capers!


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ŠSept1999 Marcia Hohn

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