This makes a 9" block, and is for my friend , Jeri , who is an owl, at heart :o)

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This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

Fabric choice will be everything for this one! Choose a mottled brown for the back, with good shade variations to suggest the light and dark of feathers... A tan/dark cream for the face and ears, again with shade variations...A great mottled branch color...Something creamy/white/light tan for the ruff accent... And for the background, something that suggests the woods, but subtly, so it doesn't fight for recognition with the Owl.  Print off the templates provided and transfer to freezer paper to make your pieces, following the Appliqué Instructions. Cut the owl's body, wing and head out as one large piece, you will embellish the wing outline later. Read through these instructions below to better understand what you need to cut out for pieces!

Start by laying out all your pieces against a 9-1/2" - 10" background square. When you have them arranged where you want them, remove all but the branch piece. Pin this on, and appliqué, using thread to match the branch...

Now pin on the toes, and slightly overlapping those, pin on the belly, and chest pieces. Appliqué each piece down using thread to match each piece...

Next pin on the large body piece and appliqué, using thread to match the body...on to Page 2!

June 12 2001 Marcia Hohn

Original Block