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Sew two Four Patch units, again with the standard 1/4" seam (used throughout this project) using two Color 4 squares, one Color 2 square and one random square for each. These should measure 4-1/2". Trim if needed...


In the same manner, sew four more Four Patch units, using random calico squares, Color 4 squares, and the half square units

To make the "Road" units, place a Color 4 square right sides together and outside edges aligned against a Color 1 square. (I show them staggered here; yours shouldn't be) On the back of the small square lightly draw in the diagonal and sew ON this drawn line. Trim off the extra seam allowance, leaving 1/4" beyond the stitching. Repeat with another Color 4 square on the opposing corner. Press out seams. Make two units like this. Make another Road unit in the same manner using two random calicoes in place of the Color 4 squares. These should all measure 4-1/2". Trim if needed...

Now lay out all the units as shown at left. Sew three horizontal rows, pressing the top and bottom rows to the outside, and the middle row to the center. Join the rows and your block is done!

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 June 11 2004 Marcia Hohn

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