This is an original quilt pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

Now you see why I suggested such pale colors for your quilt...because it makes a wonderful backdrop for an embellished quilt!

Once your quilt is done, how about adding some appliqué embellishments?




To do the flowers you should first stitch on the stems, (cut five strips of fabric in various lengths, about 1-1/2" wide.) then stitch on the large flower pieces...then atop those, layer on the center flower pieces, and lastly, arrange several petals around each flower. 

cont. below...

 You can appliqué these flowers on by turning under the edges, or, for dimension, you might do them bulls-eye style...sewing 1/4"-1/2" inside the edge, leaving the rough edges exposed...same with all layers and petals. 

Now it's birdhouse time...first cut a post for the birdhouse to rest on, atop the gate post...1-1/2" x 7" or so. Appliqué that on, then set the birdhouse on top. 

Now, the fence! Cut strips of a light tan, perhaps use the same light tan used in the small four patches. These strips should be about 2" wide x 15" long, plus two about 3" wide for gate posts. Use small rectangles atop the gate posts. Lay on a couple cross pieces for the gate before appliquéing on the gate post slats. 

Next...shrubbery!.. Cut some free hand cut curvy greenish shrubbery looking fabric :o)

Lastly, the little generic type bird...cut out a belly, back and wing. Appliqué on the belly and back, then add the wing. Embroider on an eye...and also embroider the feet and legs, if that's easier...and there's your quilt!       Send Pictures to Marcia ! :o)

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May 17 2002  Marcia Hohn

 Original Quilt

pattern from http://www.quilterscache.com