Focus Pocus - Page 2

 To make the blocks center corner units sew together half square and Color 3 squares as shown at left. Make four corner units like this...

Place a Color 3  2-1/2" square right sides together atop the left upper corner of a Color 2  3-1/2" square, with outer edges aligned. ( I show them staggered here just so you can see that there are two layers) On the back of the top square, lightly draw the diagonal, then sew ON this diagonal line. Cut off the excess seam allowance, and press the remainder towards the outer triangle. Repeat this with a Color 1 square on the opposing corner, then another Color 3 in the upper right corner and another Color 1 in the lower left corner. Make four side units like this...

To piece the block, first sew together the main body of the block(- the side units corner units and the extra Color 3  3-1/2" square)  Sew a rectangle unit to the left side of the main part of the block. Now sew the extra Color 2  2" square to the end of the last rectangle unit. Sew this to the top of the block and it is complete!

Here's Gayle's!

Here are four blocks by five with a pieced border, then plain borders...just a nice bit of focus fabric to accent your room! Note that I added extra rectangle units  to the right and bottom of the quilt--then all the way around, to complete the little stars!

Happy Quilting All!

Marcia :o)

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Original  Block

April 12 2005 Marcia Hohn