Flying Squares - Page 2

Now sew the Color 4/ rectangle unit unit to the top of the center unit, pressing seam towards center nine patch...

Then add the Color 3 rectangle unit to the right of the center square, pressing seam towards the center...

Next sew the Color 2/rectangle unit to the bottom, aligning it with the lower right of the unit we just sewed on, and sewing from that lower right edge in towards the colored square on it's end. Stop 1/4" from the end of that strip and backstitch. Now fold the left side of the block to the right over the block, to line up the ends of the strip we just added, and the un-sewn part of the first strip we put on, and stitch from the inner 1/4" point out to the block's edge...Done! 

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Dec 28 2001 Marcia Hohn


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