Flags and Ships - Page 2

To make the sails and ship, sew two of each of the rows shown at left...

Piece the ships by sewing together two matching sail rows, a ship row, and a water rectangle. Repeat this with the other color combo ship pieces...

Piece the block by first making rows, and then joining the rows, alternating pressing directions with each addition. Ships! Ahoy!

This quilt shows a variety of reds in the sails and in the flags. The backgrounds, ships and water stay the same colors throughout. Sashings are in Color 2, with cornerstones in Color 8.(The outer row of sashing is in Color 1)Then, I added a Color 6 border, and a Color 8 binding. This one would be great for the sea-lover in your family! :o)

Happy Quilting !!

Marcia :o)

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Here's  a variation that Francesca made!  Zuzana's!  Sarah P's!

Oct 28 2000 Marcia Hohn

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