Next, pin and sew the light arcs to the curved edge of the previously completed units. Sew together the squares ends...

Sew two background shapes below the top "ring", again following the same method of piecing curves...

Lastly, join the blocks partially completed top with the lower "ring". Sew this piece from the center out, after carefully matching the center squares. and That's it!  :o)

Let me mention here that you have as an option using ONE piece, Piece 3,  to make the arc, rather than joining four smaller pieces for each arc. Also, I show the rings done here in only reds and blues, but the Double Wedding Ring is very pretty done in a vast number of colors!

This quilt would have the rings all on your bed's top, and a drop on the sides and end of heavily quilted background fabric...Shown here with a split at the corners for bed posts...

Happy Quilting Everyone!!

Marcia :o)

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Feb 2000 Marcia Hohn

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