Castle in the Air - Page 2


Place a 2-1/2" Color 1 square right sides together lined up with the upper left corner of a Color 3  4-1/2" square. On the back of the small square, mark the diagonal, and sew ON this marked line. Cut off excess seam allowance and press the remainder towards the small square. Repeat this with another Color 1 square on the opposing corner and then on each of the two remaining corners. Trim this back to measure 4-1/2" if needed...

Now piece the block, by joining the units in the order shown at left. Make rows and then join the rows together. Alternate pressing directions by addition and by row...

Here's a core grouping of four blocks surrounded by two borders, then a course of blocks around all, and a final border strip!

Happy Quilting All!

Marcia  :o)

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